Who Goes On All Gay Cruises?
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SEX SELLS!  That's the saying and there's proof all over the world for it.  A lot of people ask me about gay cruises and they have trepidation because of the advertising.  There are always beautiful young people in the ads so a lot of people think that's all who go on this.  The truth is, for the all gay big ship cruises with Atlantis and RSVP the average age is the mid-40's and early 50's.  The Caribbean and Mexico cruises tend to be a younger crowd, while Alaska and Europe and Asia, etc., skew a bit older.  There are about equal amounts of couples and singles and in all shapes and sizes (though, there are ususally more bears on RSVP and more "Circuit Type" of guys on Atlantis).  One thing people always tell me after their first gay cruise is that they were surprised by the diversity of the people who come.  
I will add that women make up only about 5% of cruisers on RSVP and Atlantis.  Olivia Cruises is 100% women.  
The smaller all gay cruises, like River Cruises and Tall Ship sailing cruises tend to be a little older than the large ship cruise.  This is because they're much more expensive and there aren't the big dance parties that you get on the bigger ships. The clientele are more mature and intersted in touring and enjoying a more intimate experience.  These are more couples than singles, too, with about 60-70% couples.  Still lots of singles, always.  
So, the bottom line here is that you shouldn't hesitate to take an all gay cruise because you're too old or don't look like the guys in the ad. Don't let 10% of the population stop you from being YOU, uniquely and wonderfully.  We're all different but we're all the same so contact Cruising With Pride today! 
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