Around the World with Tom
June 13th, 2015 6:39 pm     A+ | a-

Ziplining through the jungle
Rafting down a waterfall
Parasailing over the Caribbean Sea
Making love on the beach under the moon

Snorkeling in the sea with sharks
Petting a stingray and a llama, too 
Listening to locals play guitar in Seville
Vivaldi in Venice and stolen kisses from you

Break down open air 
On an African safari
A hundred yards away 
Are a lion Pride

Shot into the sky 
In the middle of Vegas
Above and below 
The stars all shine

Most amazing Carnival in Rio
The biggest Pride events & Mardi Gras
New Orleans, Sydney and New York, Baby
Yeah, I've been all over and danced them all

And I've danced in the Spirit
All over the world
Praying in La Sagrada Familia
Attended mass at St Paul's
And in different languages
The love is just the same, 
The love of God

Cruising the wild waves through Alaska
On the QM2 over the Atlantic
Mediterranean, Greece, Italy and France
All the way to the Baltic

Running through the Hermitage
Peterhof and beets
And deliciously cheap vodka
At a time when the gays could still be free

Dancing at the Flamingo
Drinking amethyst
Been all over Europe dancing
And dining and museums

Sometimes it's hard to take it all in
So many cruises I don't even know
Stopping by caves and ruins
And castles and glaciers and beaches
and waterfalls

Love riding a bike 
Amidst such global beauty
Then stopping for beer at the local pub
Away from the crowded pools and the buffets
And every port that's a shopping mall

T-shirts and pins and magnets and candy
Stuffed toys, key chains, & cake with brandy
Post cards to send to your friends and family
The best souvenir is the treasured memory

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